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What We Do

Welcome to The Mammel Athletic Club, where two brothers, graduates of West Point, have joined forces to turn our shared passion for fitness and athletics into a mission to help others achieve their health and performance goals. We believe that everyone has the potential to unleash their inner athlete. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or just starting your fitness journey, our programs are science backed and designed to be accessible, adaptable, and effective. If you're looking for functional group fitness classes, personal training, strength and conditioning programming, or striving to max your next military fitness test, then you came to the right place! Our mission is to help you achieve your goals and educate you along the way about the sciences, processes, and strategies of physical fitness. After you reach your initial fitness goal through our program, your newfound knowledge and experience will allow you to continue your fitness journey without relying on a coach - this is our goal. We are excited to meet you! 

Our Values

Fit Woman

Never Settle



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